1. When is payment to Unique Exposure Photography due?
  2. How do I pay?
  3. Out of the photos you took, which ones do I get?
  4. When do I receive my photos?
  5. How do I receive my photos from Fort Worth Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography

  1. Why should I hire a professional photographer to take photos of my home?
  2. Does a realtor/assistant/homeowner need to be present during the shoot?
  3. How do I schedule a real estate shoot?
  4. What do I need to do before Unique Exposure Photography takes photos of my home?
  5. How long will Unique Exposure Photography be at my house?
  6. How many photos do I get?
  7. What happens if the weather is bad (rain, snow, cloudy) on the day of my scheduled appointment?
  8. What does Unique Exposure Photography do with my photos during and after listing?
  9. Once I purchase the photos, do I own full rights to the photos?