Meet Us

We would like to be able to tell you an amazing story of how Fort Worth Real Estate Photography began, but as with many things in life it was born out of a couple of beers and a bit of frustration.

Before we get into the how, perhaps we should start with the who; Fort Worth Real Estate Photography is made up of Ben and Renny.

Name: Ben Lancer
Location: Fort Worth, TX

“I graduated in 2004 from Indiana Tech with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. After graduation I found myself working as a web developer in telecommunications. I was always interested in photography but never advanced beyond a point-and-shoot digital camera until early 2010, when I was asked by a co-worker if I would like to be a second shooter for weddings. That was all of the convincing I needed to spend a lot of money on camera gear. I purchased a dSLR and began practicing, quickly expanding my knowledge of photography. Unfortunately I didn’t get the opportunity to be a second shooter, but my day came when Adam listed his house and asked if I could create images of his home that would attract potential buyers. The result made me realize I could help improve the photo quality of homes listed for sale in the Fort Worth area, so I decided to partner with Renny to create Unique Exposure Photography.”

Name: Renny Swenger
Location: Fort Worth, TX

“I never imagined that I would be working with photography. My background was always very technical in both my education and work experience. I received my Bachelor’s in Computer Technology from Purdue, and while I did take an interest in Adobe Photoshop and photo editing during college it was never anything more than a toy or a way to pass time. It was my desire for wanting the best pictures possible when I was trying to sell my home that made me take another look at photography. Ben opened my eyes to what was possible behind a lens, and once I started to capture my own unique images I was hooked. Photography has also helped me to remember something that I had forgotten; how much I enjoyed art as a little kid! Fort Worth Real Estate Photography opens the opportunity to experience technical challenges with artistic creation for the purpose of helping those around me.”

Both of us have worked together in other jobs for a number of years. Our skills have always tended to compliment each other, and we have joked around about starting a business because of this. However, we never really had an idea that we felt could actually work.

That is, until 2010 when Renny listed his house on the market. One evening after work, we stopped off to get a beer and discussed the pictures that were posted for the house. Lance had been into photography for a couple of years and suggested that we try to do a mock photo shoot to see if we could improve the photos. Lance came over on a bright, sunny afternoon with a freshly rented wide angle lens and we went to work.

We shared the pictures with several realtors to get feedback and they were very impressed with what we had been able to do.

Although Fort Worth Real Estate Photography was founded to provide Real Estate Photography services in Dallas and Fort Worth, Ben and Renny also enjoy Portrait Photography.