What Do I Need To Do Before Unique Exposure Photography Takes Photos Of My Home?

Some advice for preparing your home before the photo shoot:

Disassociate Yourself With Your Home
You need to envision yourself giving the keys of your home to someone else. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes will help you prepare the home to appeal to more buyers.

Get Rid of Clutter and De-Personalize
Remove knickknacks, junk, items from kitchen counters, books, fridge magnets, etc. Remove personal photographs or any item that would prevent a potential buyer from thinking the home could belong to them.

Replace Burned-Out Light Bulbs
Lights will be turned on during the photo shoot and some will appear in photographs.

Clean Glass and Mirrors
Wash your windows, shower doors, glass cabinets and mirrors. We don’t want to show buyers glass that is dirty with fingerprints or smears.

Vacuum Carpet
Vacuum rooms that have carpet for a fresh look in the photo.

Remove Bathroom Mats
Unique Exposure Photography will ask your permission to remove bathroom mats from photos if they are there during the photo shoot. Shower/Toilet mats collect dirt and are considered a personal item.

Make the Bed
Make sure all bedrooms are tidy by neatly making each bed and de-cluttering night stands.

Mow and Trim Bushes
Give your grass a fresh cut before the photo shoot. Don’t forget to trim any bushes that may be overgrown.

Set the Table
Set the dinner table so the dining room is more inviting.

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